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Headlamp Ranger RC125

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The packaging on these lamps got damaged and had to be discarded. They are now on special sale price in a plain plastic bag. A great opportunity to buy a quality headlamp at almost half price. Supplied with 3 normal AAA batteries. We only have 4 left in stock.

The Ranger RC125 is the latest model in the Ranger headtorch series.

With the option of choosing between rechargeable or conventional batteries you have the perfect solution for different scenarios.

For optimum use we would recommend good quality rechargeable batteries with this headtorch

When using your headtorch on a daily basis with rechargeable batteries, whether walking the dog or during your night run, simply plug it in on your return to charge and have it ready for the next day. A USB charger cable is included.

Warning: Please make sure to charge the product only when rechargeable batteries are inserted. If charged on disposable batteries the product may overhead and get damaged.

Fantastic headlamp for cycling. Day and night. There is an up and down swivel in order not to blind other road users

There's also the option to take along some spare disposable batteries to use when the charge is running low.

The instant off function saves you from flicking through all the light settings. Press the switch for 2 seconds to turn off the headtorch

These headtorches are bright enough for running through woods, etc in pitch black giving off enough light to see far (and wide) enough ahead.

In stock


Bulb type: 1xCree 3W LED and 2x5mm white side LED’s

Max. output: 125 lumens (up to 18 lumens on side lights)

Distance: up to 70m
Burn time up to 30 hours (5 hours on high with disposable batteries)

Waterproof to IPX6

Battery type: 3xAAA included

Weight: 82g (including batteries)


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