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Chess Pieces

Chess Sets & Chess Boards

We offer a range of Luxury, Wooden and Contemporary Chess Sets. We stock well known Chess brands such as Staunton and Isle of Lewis. We also offer more unusual Chess Pieces and themed ones such as the Ape Kingdom and Lord of the Rings.

  • Wooden Chess Boards
  • Weighted Tournament Chess Pieces & Roll-Up Board
  • Ceramic Chess Pieces
  • Rosewood Chess Pieces
  • Staunton Chess
  • Isle of Lewis
  • The Ape Kingdom
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Magnetic Chess Sets
  • Travel Chess Sets

Benefits of Chess

There are many benefits to playing Chess for people of all ages. Playing Chess is claimed to improve memory, creativity and problem solving skills.Various studies have shown that children’s reading, maths and learning ability improved overall as a result of playing chess. It is not just young people who benefit from playing chess. As chess helps to exercise the brain muscle, it is also said to improve the cognitive reserve of elderly players and prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.