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Bicycle LoVision Playing Cards


The Bicycle EZ See LoVision Playing Cards are large print playing cards with 1-5/8 inch numbers and letters. Each suit is a different colour making it easier for those with sight problems to recognize them.

Bicycle EZ See LoVision Playing Cards have a smooth finish plastic coating that prevents the cards from sticking together like regular cards. The huge easy-to-see indexes and suits are great for players who can’t read regular cards. Confusion over suits is prevented since each one is a different easy-to-distinguish colour. This is Bicycle’s easiest-to-read deck, made specifically for players with poor vision who can’t read a regular deck of playing cards. Poker size playing cards measure 2.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches high. The back features the Bicycle Rider in red or blue colours. The Bicycle EZ See LoVision Playing Cards is ideal for use with our playing card holders for a great gift.


If the cards are marked “in stock” they will be in our shop in Rathmines, Dublin 6. There is always an open deck that can be examined, felt, played with or manipulated. Call in anytime if you are in the area. We have a retail shop and we are open Monday to Saturday 10 to 5
Tel: 01 497 5819


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