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Bridge Playing cards by Copag


As with all our Copag playing cards, these cards are 100% PVC plastic which means these decks should outlast traditional paper playing cards 100:1. These cards will not wilt or bend and can even be gently washed. The photo shows the Poker version of these cards. This is a mistake, they are bridge size. I will change the photo ASAP.

Twin Pack, one red and one blue.
The bridge cards are supplied in a plastic case.

Out of stock

Although specifically designed for playing bridge, our range of bridge cards are actually perfect for any form of card playing game that requires players to hold a large number of cards in their hand, such as any of the forms of rummy. Bridge cards are also commonly called ‘narrow’ cards given that they are of course not as wide as poker cards.

Bridge cards are  56 x 88.9mm. (2¼ x 3½”)

If the cards are marked “in stock” they will be in our shop in Rathmines Dublin 6. There is always an open deck that can be examined, felt, played with or manipulated. Call in anytime if you are in the area. We have a retail shop and we are open Monday to Saturday 10 to 5
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