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Copag 4 Season Winter Edition


Copag Four Seasons Limited Edition Playing Cards are a series of four special edition decks to celebrate the four seasons of the year. Each of the series feature one red backed deck and one blue, supplied in a unique and exclusive metal storage box. Stock is extremely limited and they will never be produced again. If you’re looking for something a little special, this could be what you’re searching for.

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As with all Copag poker and bridge playing cards, the 4 Seasons Winter Edition set are 100% plastic which means they will far outlast plastic coated playing cards and will resist marking and bending, increasing your enjoyment of your game, and lightening the load of having to keep paying for new decks.

The Copag Winter Edition is supplied as a two deck set of one red back and one blue back with a 4-pip design face. The decks are stored in a special metal box with the Copag logo and the card type engraved into the lid. You can even wash them if they get a little grimy.

If the cards are marked “in stock” they will be in our shop in Rathmines Dublin 6. There is always an open deck that can be examined, felt, played with or manipulated. Call in anytime if you are in the area. We have a retail shop and we are open Monday to Saturday 10 to 5
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