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Playing Cards by Bee No.92


Bee Club Special No.92 – Poker Size Cards

The playing card of choice for casinos and industry professionals worldwide.With their proprietary Cambric Finish, Bee have a much better snap and feel making them much easier to shuffle and deal. Bee Club Special No.92 playing cards maintain their shape and playability for longer than most other paper playing card decks Club Special No.92 refer to the normal/standard index and are available in red or blue diamond backs.


If the cards are marked “in stock” they will be in our shop in Rathmines Dublin 6. There is always an open deck that can be examined, felt, played with or manipulated. Call in anytime if you are in the area. We have a retail shop and we are open Monday to Saturday 10 to 5
Tel: 01 497 5819


Red, Blue