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Poker Chips 300

45.00 Inc VAT

A high quality 300 poker chip set with 11.5g casino weight poker chips, two decks of playing cards, Dealer and blind buttons, all provided safe and secure in a padded aluminium case…

A perfect poker chip set for up to 4 people, complete with plastic coated playing cards and 300 11.5g dice style poker chips, all presented in a durable, modern aluminium protective case, designed to not only look good, but to keep everything safe and secure with its special foam top section and pre-formed chip and card tray in the base. The dice design poker chips feature the six faces of a dice engraved into the outer edge of the chip, with six white ‘tabs’ separating each dice face to complete this well known chip design that is produced from high-grade ABS composite materials with solid colour dyes to ensure long life.

In stock

Here’s a full summary of what you will be getting as part of this incredible value-for-money package…

  • 300 x 11.5 gram dice style poker chips in 4 colours
  • 2 decks of Trademark Poker plastic coated playing cards.
  • Dealer button (large size) and Big Blind and Little Blind buttons
  • High quality locking aluminium carrying case that securely holds the chips and the cards and looks great too.


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