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Chessmen Acacia and Boxwood 9141


A  well-crafted set of quality wooden Chess pieces. These Pieces are double weighted and felted. Exceptional hand carving is evident on all the pieces.  The crenulation on the Queen is superb. The wood grain on the Acacia is truly lovely.

Official Staunton style chess pieces.

Acacia wood has been around since biblical times and long before it. It’s believed that acacia wood was used to construct the Tabernacle and Ark of Covenant because it was virtually indestructible.

Many people know acacia wood as “thorntree,” “whistling thorn,” or “wattle.” While many of the varieties in Africa do not contain many thorns, the ones in Australia are quite thorny.

Supplied in a classy looking lined wooden box.

This set ships with 4 Queens as standard!

Chess board not included.

Out of stock


King height is 4″ 
Complete set of 34 Chess pieces.
Includes extra Queens.
Recommended board square size: Minimum 55mm

Official Staunton style chess pieces.