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Multi-Tool Titanium


  • 70mm Sheepsfoot Blade (2CR13 Titanium Nitride Fine Edge Blade)
  • Saw Blade (2CR13 Titanium Nitride Crosscut Saw Blade)
  • Compact and Sharp Awl & Bottle Opener
  • Dual-Position Driver (Locking Driver Bit Holder With 2x 1/4″ Bits Included)
  • Includes a lock release that allows for 90/180 degree lockable opening
  • Features a pocket clip to securely carry with you everyday

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Sometimes you don’t have time to get the toolbox out. You need a quick fix and the right tool to get it done. That’s where the TITANIUM POCKET MULTI TOOL steps up. From tough tasks to everyday chores, this locking pocket multi-tool slices, cuts, screws, grips, and snips. And when you’re done, it will gladly open your favorite bottle of refreshment.

Weight: 168 grams

Dimensions (closed): 103 (H) X 36mm (W) X 20mm (D)