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Cue Cannon Scorpion


  • A three piece cue with spiral centre joint
  • 8.75mm tip leather stick on tip with brass ferrule
  • Shaft measures approx 28″ (71cm) – plus 1″ (2.5cm) for the protruding male joint
  • Butt of the cue measures approx 29″ (74cm) -Butt section splits again 10″ (25.5cm) from butt
  • ‘Cannon’ solid brass, in the centre of the cue and 10″ from butt.
  • Quality North American matching ash grain shaft
  • Cue length measures approx 57″ (144.78cm)

In stock

The upper section of the butt has a metallic silver finish whilst the lower section is black with a silver veneer. The brass ‘Cannon’ joints are fitted in the center of the cue and also 10” from the butt. This enables a player playing in a restricted space to remove the 10” section from the butt for the occasional awkward shot. The butt is finished with a Cannon disc decal and a protective rubber butt pad. For a ‘screw on extension’ to fit this cue please view the ‘related products’ section of this page. This cue features a solid brass ferrule and 9mm nominal Blue Chrome Leather tip.