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Butterfly City Concrete Table


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This concrete durable table is perfect for outdoor use such as parks, on beaches or at playgrounds. Also excellent for outdoor school use. Product is able to withstand various weather conditions and is perfect for outdoor use. This table is sure to have a long life with many benefits. A fibre sheet covering the whole table makes for excellent bounce when playing, providing great performance.

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  • Suitable for outdoor use in parks, on the beach, by the seaside, school playground
  • Wheelchair friendly with Paralympic required distance of 400mm between end of table and first leg
  • Galvanized steel is use in addition to concrete on the Z- shaped legs.
  • The concrete playing surface (40mm) is coated in fibre providing excellent playing ability.Dimensions: 9’ long x 5’ wide x 2’ 6” high (275 x 153 x 77cm)Due to the volume of table tennis tables we cannot guarantee that we will have them all on display. If you require more information feel free to give us a call at + 353 1 4975819 or e-mail us at ok@oksports.ie


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